Klättring i Mälardalen

Artikelnummer: 9789163195952

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Klättring i Mälardalen täcker repklättringen i Uppsala, Västmanland och Södermanland.
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Klättring i Mälardalen täcker repklättringen i länen Uppsala, Västmanland och Södermanland. Det finns hundratals bultade och kilsäkrade leder i alla grader. Boken innehåller omkring 40 berg, från Uppsala i norr till det kända Tunabergsområdet i söder. Klipporna beskrivs med kartor, köranvisningar, bilder, topos och leder. En stor del av boken berättar om klättringens historia i de olika områdena, dessutom en massa najsa bilder från förr.

Bergen som täcks i denna guiden är:

  • Fjärdhundra 
  • Predikstolen 
  • Åland 
  • Hultberget 
  • Tumbo 
  • Morrarö 
  • Ärja 
  • Uggelberget 
  • Simonsberget 
  • Bistaberget 
  • Bjurviksberget 
  • Loberget m fl

Författare: Andreas Andersson (Danger Zone)

Språk: Svenska och engelska (förutom ledbeskrivningar, som endast finns på svenska).

ISBN: 978-91-631-9595-2

Antal sidor: 294 (färg)

Utgivningsår: 2019

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Skriv din egen recension


Overpriced, perhaps overly sentimental photoalbum that could in rear occasion double as a climbing guide with some extra bulk to carry around by Noob (Skrevs den 2020-05-28)
For the beefy 290 page climbing guide, being formatted as a picture catalog (binding is on the short edge) and not fitting in a decent way with other climbing guides in the shelf, the actual guide starts at page 86. Even though it seems to have all the maps of the expanded areas, and covering additional several smaller climbing districts, It is somehow just difficult to understand and navigate the locations, and to understand which crag is where by just flipping the pages - It looks more like a photo album. For some reason, finding the locations for most crags is just tedious. With most of the guidebook consisting of pictures of climbers in various poses (nice as they might be), the actual topos are not a substantial improvement from the older book (klättring i södermanland, black and white guidebook, seems like a bargain in comparison) or the online pdf topo for simonsberget, especially knowing that some of the main crags do not seem to allow new route development for decades(?) now. At page 183 the actual main highlight - simonsberget crag starts and takes up 50+ pages (while the free pdf topo is a 24 page A5 print weighing 50 grams). If one is a noob like me, looking to explore simonsberget, it seems like a waste of 400 SEK and a lot of bulk for carrying to the crag (up to 30 min approach). Perhaps one should build up the sentiments by climbing with a free pdf topo (or the older guidebook for less than half the price and third of the weight in carrying) and then investing in this photoalbum for enitrely different reasons after. Do not recommend as a guidebook (in cases where alternatives are available), but works really nice as a climbing history book/photoalbum.